Travelwell  / Minibus tour from CHF 6'395.00 - all inclusive

On this trip you will explore some of the best and finest highlights of Switzerland!

The Travelwell minibus tours have been specially designed for guests who want to enjoy the Swiss Alps in small groups and without the hassle, driving themselves.
Four luxury hotels are conveniently situated along each route and the locations for the meals are hand picked by Barbara and Marc, our owners. Togeteher they add up over 60 years of experience in the tourist industry.
You will be cruising in a luxury minibus for seven (7) days over some of the most challenging Alpine passes and on winding country roads in Switzerland.

Klosterviertel, old town of St. Gallen

Travelwell luxury Alpine minibus tours are something very special!
Our tours are really all inclusive (3 meals per day, all entryfees / all tickets for boats, trains and cablecars). During the rally, we stay for two nights in each hotel, so you don't have to pack up and unpack every day.
You will be driving in groups of max. 14 passengers.
The Travelwell tour manager and all local guides - real experts in their fields - are fluent English and German speakers.

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No more openings for 2017 - please call again.
We will publish the dates for 2018 in October 2017!

Museum Ballenberg, Brienz

On our trip through Switzerland, we will visit almost every day a "secret highlight".

With over 40 years of experience, Travelwell has discovered a lot of TOP vantage spots, where only a few tourists come by. The silly thing is, if we publish those spots here on the internet, the spots are not secret any more, and more and more tourists will come to visit.

Let us surprise you, what kind of outstanding, but still not crowded places, we have selected for you.

A happy bear in the new part of the BearPark in Berne

Maximum # of pax: 14

 Trip A - Alpine (max. altitude 2'000m / 6'500ft) -->
 Zurich - Lake Geneva - Gstaad - Lucerne - Zurich
 Trip B - High Alpine (max. altitude 3'000m / 9'843ft) -->
 Zurich - Lake Constance - Engadin - Lugano - Zurich

The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces stretch for about 30 km along the Lake Geneva.

The Abbey of St Gall was appointed as a UNESCO World Culture heritage in 1983.

To drive the pass of the San Bernardino is a very enjoyable experiance.

Habsburg, the ancestral seat of a family with over 600 years of global power.

Our Tour A starts already in May. At this time of the year, most of mountain passes may still be closed due to the snow conditions. We therefore are not able to clime up to the high alpine part of the Swiss alps.

This makes the Tour A an ideal trip for guests, who have medical reason (heart condition), not to crest over an altitude of 2'000 meters / 6'500 feet.

High Alpine

Our Tour B starts not before June. This is due to the fact, that most high alpine mountain passes are not cleard before mid June. Keep in mind, that we will crest up way over 2'000 meter / 6'500 feet of altitude.
This might be a problem if you have a heart condition
. If you are not realy certain about your fitness, please contact your medical advisor / doctor before booking the Tour B!

Travelwell does take your safety and security very serious. All our driver / guides are trained as (medical-) First Responder, all our minibuses are equipt with a AED (Automated external defibrillator).
We allso check out very thoroughly all the hotels we use for our prearranged inclusiv- and rallytours. Every trip description informs you about the max. altitude, you will travel to. This might be important, if you have a cardiac insufficiency.