Day by day itinerary - All inclusive Minibus Tour: Trip B - High Alpine

Day 1 - Arrival in Zurich

After arrival at the Zurich airport, special Travelwell convenience service and transfer to the hotel will be provided.
For early arrivals (08:30 am or earlier) there will be breakfast at the hotel. Lunch will be served on a boat tour on the Lake of Zurich.

pm: Guest may also participate at our special, private guided City sightseeing tour of the old town of Zurich.
17:00 Get-together:
Meet your fellow passengers and the tour management.
18:00 - Transfer for welcome dinner.
Meals: (B - L) D

Day 2 - Zurich - Lake Constance, Lipperswil

Our first stop is the Habsburg. An English speaking local guide will inform you about the little known fact that the family who acted over 600 years as emperors of Austria has its roots in Switzerland.
Lunch is served at the Castle Laufen.
Afterwards you will get the chance to admire the Rhine falls very close, the largest warterfalls in Europe.
A side trip through Germany towards Constance gives you the opportunity to try out the speed of your Tesla car. A ferry transfer will bring you to the hotel.

Meals: B L D

Day 3 - Lipperswil

Today, among others, you will visit the cathedral and the library of St. Gall (a UNESCO World Heritage). The Kastenbahn Cable Car will bring you onto the Hoher Kasten, where lunch will be served.
Enjoy the famous Swiss sweets at the Maestrano Chocolate Factory.
Dinner will be served at the picturesque, medieval town of Wil (SG).

Meals: B L D

Day 4 - Lipperswil - Engadin, Pontresina

Switzerland is a world famous cheese production country. Today, you will not only learn, how cheese is made, you will produce your own Appenzeller-cheese yourself. After lunch, you will get an introduction on the local customs and practice in the Appenzeller Museum of Folklore. Then, we will continue our drive to Pontresina, using the car transport shuttle train from Klosters to the Engadin, through the Vereina railway tunnel.

Meals: B L D

Day 5 - Pontresina

The next UNESCO World Heritage, the Albula Bernina Railways System with its world famous helical tunnels, is our first target today. After lunch, back in the Engadin, we have lots of different options awaiting you. Let us surprise you.
In Pontresina you will crest the mountain by cable car up to Muottas Muragl where you will have a marvelous view over the upper Engadin valley, St.Moritz and the three lakes. The restaurant is ready for dinner.

Meals: B L D


Day 6 - Pontresina - Lugano, Cademario

Our first highlight today is the beautiful little church of St. Peter Mistail (built 800 a.c).  The Crestawald Museum will show you some secrets about the Swiss history in the 20st century. Lunch will be served in a very special, unique spot. Continuing to the south side of the Alps, you will cross over your 2nd alpine mountain pass on this trip, the San Bernardino and then, bypassing the castles of Bellinzona (the 3rd UNESCO World Heritage) continuing to Lugano where you will have dinner and stay for the night.

Meals: B L D


Day 7 - Cademario

Switzerland's modern history is also a history of mountain railways. The latest example is the longest railway tunnel in the world - the Gotthard base tunnel. We will visit this outstanding masterpiece of modern engineering.
Different railways of all kinds have also been a driving force for the building of the hydrolic power plants in the Alps. The cable car brings you to the Ritom Dam System, where lunch is awaiting the group.
The abbey of Disentis is our next historical stop. Over 1300 years old, the monastery nowadays is the regional high school in the Bündner Oberland.

Meals: B L D

Day 8 - Cademario - Zurich

On our transfer to Zurich after cruising the Gotthardtunnel (the longest road tunnel in the Alps) and the Sustenpass we will stop in Brienz where you will acquire a very unique souvenir. In fact, it is not only buying it, you have to work yourself to become owner of this outstanding memory. Let us, the last time on this trip, add an outstanding experience to your memories.
Arriving in Zurich, the farewell dinner is awaiting you.

Meals: B L D


Day 9 - Zurich - Home

Private transfer to the airport and special Travelwell convenience services are provided for our valued guests.

We have organzied, for late departure (after 14:00 pm), a unique visit of Zurich airport, behind the barrier.
Meals: B

Paddle Steamer Zurich, Lake Zurich (CH / ZH)

"Crocodile" Engine - RhB Railway - Bergun (CH / GR)

Lugano, Main Railway Station (CH / TI)

Cheese production, Stein (CH / AR)

Museum: Art and Culture, Lugano, (CH / TI)

High Alpine

Our Tour B starts not before July. This is due to the fact, that most high alpine mountain passes are not cleared before mid June. Keep in mind, that we will crest up way over 2'000 meter / 6'500 feet of altitude - this might be a problem if you have a heart condition. If you are not really certain about your fitness, please contact your medical advisor / doctor before booking the Tour B!

Overnights on this Travelwell trip
Night 1 Zurich   Night 2 + 3 Lipperswil
Night 4 + 5 Pontresina   Night 6 + 7 Lugano
Night 8 Zurich   (all 4**** or 5*****)