Travelwell Minibus Trip: C - Alpine - 11 days

Day 1: Home - Zurich

Arrival in Switzerland - Transfer to the hotel

For early arrival (before 11:45 am)

City sightseeing in down town Zurich

Welcome Dinner

Day 3: Bad Ragaz - Ascona

On our way to the south of Switzerland, we are going to cross over the San Bernardino Pass. We are going to visit modern and medieval fortres, both serving the same purpose.
The Montebello Castle in Bellinzona is also part of an   UNESCO World Heritage , the 2nd one you are going to visit on this trip.

Zügen gorge - Canton Grison

Day 5: Ascona - Montreux

Back to the north of the Alps - but to the french part of Switzerland. We are going to visit 2 of the world unique railway constructions we have in Switzerland - the Gotthard  Base Tunnel, the longest railway tunnel of the world, and the
car-carrying train travelling through the Furka tunnel from Realp to Oberwald.

Day 7: Montreux - Spiez

Another world unique masterpiece of engineering:
The Lötschberg Basetunnel and the Tropenhaus in Frutigen.

This time, we will not only tell you the story and show you a museum about this challenging project, we are going to enter the underground tunnel system and explore the hidden, but very interesting technical installations.

Maison Gailler - Broc

Day 9: Spiez - Zurich

On the way from Spiez back to Zurich, we are going to stop in Berne, the capital of Switzerland and the 4th  UNESCO World Heritage  on this trip.
After a very special city sightseeing in the old town, you have time to do some shopping.
For dinner, we are going to stop at a highly unknown place -  but the impact to world's history from this place was enormous.

Day 11: Zurich - Home

Transfer to airport or railway station

Day 2: Zurich - Bad Ragaz

Today you are going to explore the Swiss mountains / the Alps.
After passing through famous Davos, we are going to reach the "Schmelzboden" after a good hour's drive.
Here we start our easy hiking tour to Filisur. On the way we are going to pass the "Wiesner viaduct", the highest railway bridge on the RhB-System. After lunch - a typically swiss picnic - you are going to visit the 1st  UNESCO World Heritage  site, the Albula-Bernina RhB Railway and its museum in Bergün.

Day 4: Ascona

Today, you are going to explore the Swiss Alps - but now on the south side of the Alps. It is amazing, how different the settlement and the culture is - just a few miles south of the dividing mountain chain.
You are going to explore the Val Vercassca - not by hiking, but with a modern E-Bike.

Bell foundry

Day 6: Montreux

Beside travelling through the 3rd  UNESCO World Heritage  - the wine terrasses of the Lavaux - today's theme is "typically swiss food". We are going to introduce you to the famous swiss cheese making - Gruyere - and to the world best chocolate - Maison Cailler.

Day 8: Spiez

A lot of tourists bring home cowbells from Switzerland - as a very very typical souvenir from here - we are going to show you, how the real ones are made - in fact - you are going to make it yourself. On the boat cruise on the lake of Thun towards Interlaken, you will enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Bernese Oberland Alps.

Restaurant Crazy Cow - Zurich

Day 10: Zurich

Back in Zurich, you have time to explore the biggest town in Switzerland by a special, privat city sightseeing tour.
For the afternoon, you can choose between shopping or exploring the greater Zurich area by a guided tour.

 Pre- or after arrangements 

Travelwell may arrange any pre- or after arrangements, tailor made, whatever you desire. In Switzerland - or any other country in Europe. Please contact our headoffice in Switzerland.