Fotos, Videos

Choosing a wedding photographer is not only about selecting a service provider, but more about investing in memories. This is the main reason why we are working together with talented and experienced artists whose style fits a personal vision of your wedding day. After all, your wedding photographs will be the only memories you will end up with.


There are two mainstream styles of wedding photography. Traditional (posed) style and a wedding photojournalism. And while most wedding photographers offer a combination of two, a photojournalism has a more common style  due to one simple reason: it captures real emotions and documents the day in a way it unfolds.


Wedding photojournalism, is also known as a reportage or documentary style, offers a series of photos through the entire day. The photographer aims to create a visual story using his/her talent, unique perspective and previous experience.


At a certain point during the day, using an artistic judgment, photojournalist can create  series of spontaneous looking posed photos in addition to ongoing photo reportage. This illustrative approach widely used during engagement photography sessions.

Most of our guests like to have in addition to the photo album some scenes on video. Our professional partner is certainly able and equiped to fulfill such wishes.