To get legally married in Switzerland, unlike to North America, you have to do two steps:

  1. You have to do - what we call in Switzeland - the civil wedding.
    This is performed with the registry office in a town hall and covers all legal aspects.
  2. After that, you may celebrate your wedding in a church or any other location or place.

Therefore, in Switzerland, you have twice the occasion to celebrate the most important day in every bride's life!

Travelwell will plan and organize both celebrations for you.

In order to pass the legal part of the wedding, you have to fulfill some paperwork approx. 10 to 12 weeks before.
This can be done at any Swiss consulate, or, if you have none in your area, the paperwork can also be prepared by an accredited notary and be approved by the state administration.

In Switzerland, we usually plan a wedding celebration on 3 to 4 days. And we need also 3 - 4 locations.

  1. Your hotel
  2. The place where you perform the legal part (if scheduled)
  3. The church / chapel / synagogue / shul / mosque, where the ceremony will be hold
  4. The restaurant, where you will have the reception / party

If you like to do it less costly / time-consuming, we can certainly make all arrangements to your wishes - the only thing we can not skip, is, if you want your ceremony to be legally accepted, is the part of the registry office has to be carried out!

Some of our guests "clear" the legal part at home and do only the celebration here in Switzerland - that is also possible.

Travelwell has lots of very special locations selected to make all parts of your marriage very unique.


Some Examples:

- Baronenhaus, Wil (SG)
- Ratssaal, Bülach (ZH)
- Schloss Greifensee (ZH)
- Klosterstube, Gfenn (ZH)


Some Examples:

- Wassberg, Forch (ZH)
- Rigiblick by Vreni Giger (ZH)
- Gasthof Frohberg (Rapperswil)
- La Tgoma (GR)


Some Examples:

- Hotel Sonnental (STA - ZH)

- Hotel Glockenhof (SUP - ZH)

- Hotel Sarain (STA - GR)

- Hotel Schweizerhof (SUP - GR)