Alte Kirche, Witikon (ZH)

The Old Church of Witikon rises on a hilltop in the centre of the historic centre of Witikon. Legend has it that a Celtic cult site once stood on the hilltop.[2] The surrounding meadows were banned from being built in the 20th century, so that the church was able to retain its striking appearance. On the drop-shaped area around the church the historic churchyard Witikon was built before the year 1000. It is the oldest cemetery in the city of Zurich and is still occupied. Due to the building ban on the surrounding meadows, the cemetery could not be converted into a cemetery, so that the new cemetery had to be built on Witikonerstrasse.

In front of the church stands a fountain with a round bowl and a kneeling figure of Arnold Gygi from 1938. The ground plan of the Old Church Witikon is a longitudinal rectangular nave with a transverse rectangular choir. The sacristy from the year 1948 is located in the north, the entrances to the church are in the west and south. The interior of the church is kept simple and closed with a flat wooden ceiling. The baptismal font dates from 1715, the choir windows were designed by Max Billeter in 1939. The western gallery parapet rounds off the interior design.

After a complete renovation in 1926, a sacristy was added in 1939-1940 and the church was equipped with new benches, wall panelling and a new gallery parapet. In 1975 the choir was renovated and a new organ was installed on the east and north walls of the choir.