General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Travelwell


1. Rates / Currencies

The currency on our rates is according to our offer (usualy CHF) and prices we offer you are net. Rates are based on current costs. We reserve the right to change the price on published offer due to change of currencies exchange rates or other reasons without prior notice. Prices for FIT - offers are fixed for at least 30 days, unless otherwise stated in the offer.

2. Handling fee

For tailor made plans our 1. offer is always free of charge.

If you would like us to make further adjustments, if you would like to receive more information, we will charge you the minimum, non refundable deposit of CHF 300.00 or approximately 10% of the expected final amount.
In case of a booking, 100% of this fee will be credited to the actual invoice.

If you :

 - modif your requests
 - change your options
 - change all or part of your initial request

and your request continues to evolve, we will charge you a processing fee of CHF 100.00 per hour that we work on planning to meet all of your new, additional requirements.

We put a lot of time, knowlege and experience in each of our proposals. We can not / we will not deliver detailed plans - free of charge (which can - after all our work - be booked directly or through the internet / other agencies without involving us for the real business. Unfortunately, this is a lesson we had to learn in the past!) We hope, you undertand this policy. We would like to keep the prices as accurate as possible - and we do not like to enclose in each file costs for cases, for which we had a lot of work - but got - in the end - no earnings.

3. Payment

3.1. The nonrefundable deposit

as declared on our first offer / confiration is required.

Deposit should be sent to Travelwell within 10 days after booking confirmation was sent.

If deposit is not payed in time, Travelwell may cancel the booking, without further notice!

3.2 Rest payment

is - unless otherwise stated on our confirmation - due:

for payment by credit card: 45 days prior to start of trip

for payment by wire transfers: 30 days prior to start of trip

If rest payment is not payed - completely - in time, Travelwell may cancel the booking without further notice!

Bookings placed less than 45 days before start of trip:

Full payment (wire transfer - no cc) is due immediately (within 4 days) after confirmation was sent to the partner.

3.3 Payment may be done by:

Wire transfer (All expenses shall be cleared by the sender! - this is still teh cheapest way - or all of us!)

has to be sent to:

Post Finance Switzerland SWIFT / BIC: POFICHBEXXX for:

Travelwell GmbH - 8600 Dübendorf

IBAN: CH02 0900 0000 8530 5797 7


Agency check

Checks should be made payable to

Travelwell LLC, Switzerland

Send your check to our office in Switzerland (at least 50 days before start of services).

Address: Travelwell GmbH - Alte Landstrasse 25 - 8600 Dübendorf - Switzerland

Additional service (over prepaid amount)

We will be providing "full credit service" if agreement is signed prior to start of trip! You have to guarantee, that our invoice for additional services is payed immediately upon receipt.


Credit cards

For credit card payments we must make a separate arrangement. This must be agreed in advance, in writing.
Such payments must be made 60 days before the start of the trip. We have to avoid that our charge on the credit card is subsequently reclaimed despite the start of the trip.
Credit cards of customers are usually not charged directly. We want to prevent the customer from trying to book directly with us in the future and bypassing you as our valuable partner. Credit card payment can be done with American Express, MasterCard, VisaCard

For payment by credit card – use our form: Travelwell-Payment-by-Credit-Card.pdf [pdf, 92 kb]



4. Change of reservations

After booking has been confirmed, any changes will be charged with an administration fee of CHF 100.00/ EURO 90.00 / US$ 120.00 or equivalent.

5. Cancellation policies

Unless otherwise stated on the program / confirmation for extra ordinary arrangements:

Prior to 45 days of the booked date, we charge the nonrefundable deposit only (as stated on the program, confirmation or in point 2 of this GTC).

45 – 20 days prior to commencement, 50% is due.

Less than 20 days prior to commencement 100%.

No refunds for „NO-Shows“ and no refunds for unused portions of the tour.

For all flight arrangements, bookings of rooms etc., cancellation policies of the used airline or hotel apply!


6. Covid-19

As far as safety and security is concerned, we have always chosen all the parts we offer on our trips very carefully - not just since the COVIC pandemic.
The pandemic is trying to ruin our lives. We are aware of that - but we don't want to back down.
We assume that anyone planning to travel during these times is fully vaccinated, aware of the increased risk of such travel, and also has appropriate health and travel insurance. Refunds b.c. of CV19 are generally not possible.
Indoors, all of our staff and hosts wear masks - masks that not only filter the air they breathe out, but also filter the air they breathe in (when worn properly).
Upon request, we also provide our guests with quality products that are certified according to Swiss regulations.
Long flights are uncomfortable during this time. We recommend all guests to be tested three days after arrival here in Switzerland / Europe.

We may arrange appropriate appointments upon request.
We reserve the right to change travel plans in case of official orders or to cancel in extreme cases.



7. Liability

As an experienced DMC - Destination Management Company (founded in 1974) - we guarantee a careful selection of partners being involved in the travel itinerary (e.g. hotels, chauffeur driven cars, shipping lines, coach operators, guides, etc.) professional organization of the trip, careful monitoring of all our partners to keep up the quality!

Travelwell, its local managers, its affiliates, assignees, cooperative agents etc. act only as agent for the passenger with respect to transportation and accommodation arrangements.

They exercise every care possible but cannot be held responsible for personal injury in connection with the service of any airplane, train, automobile, carriage or any other conveyances, which is used in carrying out the booked arrangements.

They cannot be held responsible for daily accident, sickness, loss of personal property, strikes, armed conflicts, additional expenses due to weather, disruption of advertised schedules, refusal of visas, or other causes beyond their control.

Further, the vehicles used in their tours are in full responsibility of the companies or individuals engaged in the conveying of passengers.

It is unlikely that we will have to make changes to our arrangements, but Travelwell, as opera­tor, has to plan and book parts of the arrange­ments in advance. Occasionally, we may have to make changes and we reserve the right to do so at any time. Most of these changes will be minor and we will advise you of them at the earliest possible date. We also reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel your travel arrangements. For example, if the minimum number of clients required for a particular travel arrangement is not reached, we may have to cancel it. However, we will not cancel your travel arrangements less than 4 weeks before the start date, ex­cept for reasons of force majeure or failure by you to pay the final balance.


8. Jurisdiction

Present law in Switzerland applies in any case of legal dispute. Place of jurisdiction is 8600 Dübendorf.