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Travelwell - as a DMC - is not selling directly to the public. Our most important partners are agents close to a possible customer. Therefore, we have a high interest to collaborate with experienced partners. Together, we can generate memories for our guests, which are a great enrichment to their life.




Our philosophy is based on two important principles:

  1. Quality before quantity!
  2. Safety and security are not to be discussed!

We do not handle large groups and busloads of tourists.
Our business segment are FITs and small groups, mainly in the upscale field.

We are the wrong partner to try to get a quote for a group a few bucks cheaper.

But we are the right partner,
if you need a high quality service for demanding guests, in Switzerland and throughout Europe.


For more information, regarding details of trips, commissions or ways to collaborate, please contact our headoffice in Switzerland.


Used Pictograms

Conducting trips for guests of all ages means - in some cases - that we have to plan our trips with caution regarding people having cardiac problems. In most cases, the solution will be not to go up to a high altitude. We therefore mark our itineraries with this symbol - showing you the highest evelation this trip will rise to.
(It might include an excursion going higher up - but - there will always be an alternative!)

"Better safe than sorry"
Chauffeur driven trips:
All our drivers / Tourmanagers are not only trained in basic live support, our cars are also equipped with a heart defibrillator.

This symbol shows you, that this tour is suitable for handicapped persons.
If you plan a trip with disabled persons, please inform us right from the beginning - so we can get hotel space and transportation accordingly.
(Such rooms and vans / minibusses are limited).

To access the infos reg. payed commissions, please contact our office in Switzerland.

We will send you the passwortd to enter the corresponding pages!

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