Payment may be done by:

Credit cards (only if payment is done 45 days before start)

For American Express, MasterCard, VisaCard we will charge you half of our CC-charges (1.25 % - we share the costs)

For payment by credit card – use our form: Travelwell-Payment-by-Credit-Card.pdf (below)


If you want us to charge the credit card of the passenger, payment has to be done at least 45 days before start of trip.

If you want us to send you back the commission:

  • we will send you back the commission by wire transfer
  • all expenses for this money transfer will be deducted from your share

Wire transfer (all expenses shall be cleared by the sender!)

has to be sent to:

Post Finance Switzerland SWIFT / BIC: POFICHBEXXX for:

Travelwell GmbH - 8600 Dübendorf


if USD: CH26 0900 0000 9111 5608 3

if EUR: CH38 0900 0000 9142 1844 8

if CHF: CH02 0900 0000 8530 5797 7


Agency check

Checks should be made payable to

Travelwell LLC, Switzerland

Send your check to our office in Switzerland (at least 50 days before start of services).

Address: Travelwell GmbH - Alte Landstrasse 25 - 8600 Dübendorf - Switzerland


Additional service (over prepaid amount)

We will be providing "full credit service" if agreement is signed prior to start of trip!

You have to guarantee, that our invoice for additional services is payed immediately upon receipt.