Copy of EMail from Mr David Yu to the agent, who planned the trip for him and his spouse.

From Mr. Yu / August 2006 / Toronto (CAN)

Hi Gillian
I would like to thank you for planning our Switzerland trip. We had a marvellous time. Once I have sorted through my photographs, I will show some to you. We are very impressed with Travelwell, the company you had selected to take us around Switzerland on a private tour. We were fortunate to have Marc Nordmann, President of Travelwell, as our guide throughout the whole tour. Marc is a wonderful person. He is friendly, helpful and best of all, very patient with us. His intimate knowledge of Switzerland is truly amazing. He is like an encyclopedia. He showed us wonderful towns and villages that are not in any travel book. He went out of his way to show us beautiful sights and memories which both Evelyn and I will treasure for years to come. The hotels Marc had selected for us are outstanding.
They set a high standard for other 5-stars hotels to follow.To summarize, we had a wonderful trip. I am glad you recommended Travelwell to us. They provided excellent services and attention to our needs. I would highly recommend them to any one planning a trip to Switzerland. Travelwell makes our Switzerland tour a real delight!
Best wishes,
David Yu


Trip 2006


  1. TRF A/P HTL
  2. Excursion Neat in Sedrun
  3. Visit the 3 Bellinzona Castles
  4. Visit Brig
  5. Saltina Bridge
  6. Excursion to Gorner Grat
  7. Visit Chillion Castle
  8. City Sightseeing Geneva
  9. Geneva museum of the ICRC and the Palace of the UN
  10. Olympic museum
  11. City Sightseeing Bern
  12. Full day excursion to Lucerne


  • Parkhotel Flims Waldhaus
  • Eden Roc, Ascona
  • Sonne, Zermatt
  • Beau Rivage, Lausanne
  • Baur au Lac, Zürich

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